Yoga is the inner voyage into yourself to find inner peace and energy starting at any age.

You are welcome to our new studio in September 2018


See you on 1Sep17 with our new timetable

Zenergy Timetable Uurrooster Horaires_Sep17-Jun18_Final

New Autumn Foto’s in our garden

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Enjoy Zenergy Spring 2017 Video

Malta Trinh 2017

Enjoy Zenergy Yoga Pilates for Wellness and Slender video’s and come to our classes from 18/4/17 onwards:

Zenergy in Autumn 2016


New Zenergy Kids Yoga Every Tuesday at 16h after school from 10/1/17 onwards

Zenergy Yoga & Pilates for Kids to Strengthens the Mind-Body Connection at Young Age: Physical Flexibility, Balance and Coordination, Focus and Concentration, Self-Esteem and Confidence.


Check out new timetable online and contact me for new price list for September 2016

Zenergy Studio Timetable Sep16-Jun17

New Timetable with new classes from 15Feb16

Zenergy Group Class Timetable from 15Feb16

Zenergy Yoga Pilates for Wellness and Slender on Youtube

Please kindly enjoy the first 35 minute class (split into 3 small video’s) from Zenergy yoga and pilates for wellness and slender on Youtube :-). You are welcome to participate in the live class in my studio to receive your right options adapted for your body and learn to listen to and understand your body anatomy structure to have an effective and safe workout for “Wellness and Slender”. At home you will feel more comfortable to do this meditative class on your own or with your family with this video guide taking into account your adapted options. I am looking forward to seeing you soon in our Zenergy studio

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