Enjoy the amazing extra bonus added to the full school year subscription from 1Sep’20 for the same price

Enjoy the amazing extra bonus added to the full school year subscription from 1Sep’20 for the same price: live class in a very small group of 4 participants in the studio with a totally personalised individual coaching for concrete results healthy calm harmonised body mind and soul (free from migraine, back pain, burn-out, stress,…), unlimited online classes and in the garden when nice weather. The studio is new, spacious, well cleaned between sessions with very good ventilation.

Zenergy group classes are closed until 3/4/20 due to Corona virus crisis

You are welcome to free online yoga classes at my YouTube channel


Stay healthy and positive and see you soon in the studio ♥️🙏♥️

Let’s connect live via social media for your daily therapy yoga pilates exercises

Let’s connect live via social media

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Zenergy Yoga Therapy Open Door Day 8Sep19

Welcome to Zenergy Studio yoga therapy – open door day with free lessons on Sunday 8 September 2019.
Yoga at Zenergy is taught in a small group with individual guidance. Diseases, emotional or psychological problems disrupt the balance in our body, mind and soul. You calm your mind with deep breathing. Yoga the holistic therapy can help to restore harmony and to cure the problems such as respiratory problems, chronic pain (neck, shoulders, low back pain, hip, knees, etc.), hormonal imbalance, psychological problems, stress  and burnout.
Please kindly call me on 0473351340 or email me trinh.dang@zenergy-studio.com to reserve group lessons free of charge and without obligation.
Sunday 8 September 2019

10-11h All levels

11-12h Yoga for Senior or people with chronic pain

12-13h All levels

13-14h Yoga for sportives

Yoga is the inner voyage into yourself to find inner peace and energy starting at any age.

You are welcome to our new studio in September 2018


See you on 1Sep17 with our new timetable

Zenergy Timetable Uurrooster Horaires_Sep17-Jun18_Final

New Autumn Foto’s in our garden

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Enjoy Zenergy Spring 2017 Video

Malta Trinh 2017

Enjoy Zenergy Yoga Pilates for Wellness and Slender video’s and come to our classes from 18/4/17 onwards:



Zenergy in Autumn 2016


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