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You are very welcome for personal coaching, alone or with a partner.

Mindfulness Coaching helps leaders, entrepreneurs and managers to maintain focus, manage stress and increase your productivity with a lot of energy.

In individual sessions we work quickly and personally on the improvement of stiffness, weaknesses and physical injuries. I help your body to fully relax and provide self-healing. I track down the blockages and help you with movement that makes the lymph system flow, clears waste products and strengthens the immune system. Massage and stretching of the deep muscles and fascia ensure good circulation so that oxygen and nutrients circulate.

To find inner peace, I guide you to a state of mindfulness and self-hypnosis where negative thoughts disappear and you find inner energy for self-healing.

Costs for personal coaching can be invoiced and are tax deductible.
Zenergy Personal Training Prices Sep20-Jun21 

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