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Personal Coaching with Yoga & Mindfullness in Studio & Zoom online

Mindfulness Coaching helps leaders, entrepreneurs and managers to maintain focus, manage stress and increase your productivity with a lot of energy. Massage and stretching of the deep muscles and fascia ensure good circulation so that oxygen and nutrients circulate. To find inner peace, I guide you to a state of mindfulness and self-hypnosis where negative thoughts disappear and you find inner energy for self-healing.

You are very welcome for personal coaching, alone or with a partner or with your family with a combination of

  • Mindfulness coaching
  • Therapy yoga & pilates
  • Therapy Thai Massage
  • Healthy and Fit Interval cardio & weigh Training

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The benefits:

  • Concrete results: Your health & fitness goals
  • Sports: Sustainable weight loss,Strong body, Zen spirit, Mobility, No injuries
  • Food: Healthy natural diet recommendations
  • Place: Large garden, Shower, Private parking – Top location Meise – 5min from the A12-Brussels exit  or at your private garden or park near you
  • Costs for personal coaching can be invoiced and are tax deductible.
  • Coach: 20 years of experience qualified personal trainer with passion


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