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Trinh & Zenergy in the press:  “Find your own Buddha inside yourself”. It is all about being the own master of your own thoughts. You are what you think. The best way to control your thinking begins with right posture and concentration your mind on deep breathing. It sounds so simple but it is an effective way to find the peace inside you.

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I have found energy and inner peace thanks to Trinh’ classes. The classes exercises are well varied and affect partly or whole body. Zenergy helps to improve your posture. The coordination of breathing with movement, exercises being instructed and adapted to each individual allow you to improve your muscle tone at your own pace and enjoy the moving meditation with breathing at the same time. When applied at home, this breathing meditation technique allows you to “auto-hypnotize” yourself to feel an inner peace and fall more easily to sleep.  Breathing exercises are useful in overcoming stressful situation in everyday life. I have found quickly my energy back which enables me to start jogging and improve my cardiovascular at the same time. You feel the well-being, happier and positive and in shape after each session.

J Mertens, November, 2014

Excellent course – great atmosphere – highly recommended!

Chantal Lannoy , November , 2014

Trinh was a professional Fitness Manager, enthousiastic and full of energy. always ready for the next challenge.  She learned quickly and was always eager to learn more.  She also did a great job in bringing Personal training to her club in Elsene. recruiting new personal trainers and giving personal training sessions herself.

Christopher Jamin, National Fitness Manager for HealthCity Belgium & Luxemburg and Basic Fit Belgium, December 2014

In your class I have found the pleasure and the usefulness of physical exercises for the improvement of my condition. Your knowledge and competence give strong motivation to continue.

José Vieira, December, 2014


I have leant a lot from Trinh especially my body structure. I used to have a false body image that led to negative impact on my daily life while doing sports or carrying out normal activities. Thanks to Trinh’s great advice, motivation, positive way of thinking, I start to feel my energy, listening better to my body and understand its complex anatomy mechanism as well as better controlling my breath. Thank so much for all great advice that I continue to put into practice.

Isabelle Meunier,  January, 2015


Trinh is not just showing or teaching the movement of yoga/pilates. She understands your body limits and closely works with you toward greater health and mobility.  I would highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to understand how to develop and use their core strength, or who just wants someone smart and supportive to learn yoga/pilates.

Yun Lee, January, 2015

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