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Nathalie Saeremans, February 2020, Nice place and very relaxing. Highly recommended. Very good teacher who takes care of your specific needs and gives great advice. I feel much better in my body and mind. You need to try. I cant wait until the next class.

Nhu Truong, February 2020, What a pleasure to go to yoga classes in Trinh, a passionate and smiling teacher, attentive to her students and who adapts to your level and does not hesitate to correct you if necessary! It’s amazing to see the difference arriving at the session, in a state of stress after the long day working at the desk and completely relaxed at the end of the class. Finally, You can enjoy good classes in a relaxing and beautiful green zen studio!

Lieve Van Neyghem, January 2020, It’s so relaxed; you feel completely “Zen” after class; It is just Great! You have to give it a try!

Johan Brouwers, January 2020, Lessons in very small groups (max. 7 p.) In a very pleasant studio where each participant receive a lot of attention from the teacher and adapted exercise options.

Vincent Boogmans, January 2020, Already 5 years as loyal customer. No more back problems sinds 5 years.

Ann Vindevogel (4 year old client)Good lessons that keep your joints, muscles and ligaments flexible for your whole body. It is also very relaxing for the mind. Nice studio completely surrounded by green beautiful nature!

Christine Triest Dec19 (5 year old client), Trinh provides personalized Pilates and Yoga. She offers different options for each exercise so that you can choose the right adapted level for your body. She watches carefully that it is just enough for you without ever being too heavy so that you never have an injury.

Nathalie Oct19 (3 ​​year old client) Fortunately, no more back pain

Marie Jose Feb20 (2 year old client), At first I had doubts as to whether this combination of yoga-pilates-stretching would be something for me … However, Trinh’s engaging positive personality and her professionalism quickly convinced me! These are not just some of the exercises we can do. They are very well prepared and supervised, , relaxing but also intense and invigorating to make you feel good and also increase your body flexibility! Highly recommended! With her great knowledge of the anatomy, individual attention to our weaknesses, clear guidelines on how to perform the exercises and the poses correctly. After the class, everyone feels relaxed yet full of energy for the day and we are always looking forward to the next session.

Anna DM, December 2019, Personalized course with very few participants which allows a great follow-up.  Trinh’s approach is unique as she really focuses on your well-being and give your the right exercise option that is adapted to your own weaknesses. I recommend it without hesitation. In addition, the studio is amazing!

Véronique Ridelle, Juni 2019, Zenergy studio is a very relaxing place for you to connect your body and mind. Trinh is professional and very attentive. Her way of teaching between the spirit of yoga and the pilates approach is strict and benevolent. She is kind and giving great advice modestly and in humble way.

Isabelle André, February 2019, Top studio to try

Else Van Hemelrijck, May 2019, Trinh looks far beyond what you see at first. She adjusts the exercises to your body and gives you the right options. She also reads a lot, really lives yoga and shares her knowledge with you. Highly recommended!

Astrid Lefevre, February 2019, Trinh is a great teacher. She listens and has a broad knowledge of anatomy. She offers tailor-made exercises for your immediate well-being as well as your long-term results. The class is a well rounded, intense yet relaxing that you feel great afterwards. True happiness!

Linda Krokaert, January 2020, Very satisfied.

Daphne Zwanenberg, January 2020, Very Small groups with personal adaptation of the exercises to avoid injuries, tensions and pain and to resolve physical discomfort.

Julie Roberts, January 2020, Zenergy studio is a place where I can completely relax. Trinh teaches very well and knows her job perfectly. Each week the lesson is something different and it makes it so special. Her classes have not only a relaxing effect on the body, but also on the mind. Wednesday morning is my moment of relaxation at the Zenergy studio.

Els Bettens, January 2020, Trinh is an engaging person with a warm character. You immediately feel comfortable with her. She is also an excellent teacher and mental coach who takes into account your strengths and weaknesses and motivates you very well to give the best of yourself. You learn to perform the exercises and the poses correctly. You will feel completely relax at the end of each class.

Katrien Dede, February 2020During group lessons, special attention is paid to each part of the body so that you come out of the lesson completely relaxed. I particularly appreciate the personal way of teaching. Trinh knows and feels very well the body of each participants.

Nathalie Clement, June 2019, Trinh encourages her students to listen to their bodies and to become the best version of themselves. With her professional explanation and her different options for each exercise, she manages to guide you in your evolution. The lessons are a perfect blend of relaxation, stretching and pilates and are tailored to your specific needs. I highly recommend *****

Vanessa Wauters, September 2019, Very relaxing course adapts to everyone’s level

Isabela Furtado, May 2019, Trinh is a very dedicated teacher. You will reach your goal at your own pace with well adapted exercises. The best yoga classes I have.

Mieke Cannie, June 2019, An ideal way to put a stressful life into perspective.

Dominique De BastMei 2019, Top Yoga in a Zen environment with an excellent teacher!

Nathalie Brugmans September 2018 You are ready to find yourself in the flow of mind and body and soul. I discover how I can reach my Zen spirit from within. You will find your harmonized Mind Body Soul too at your own rhythm  guided by the beautiful soul Trinh at Zenergy. Namaste 🙏 for everyone at home and on board.

Valerie bertels, June 2019 Top yoga studio!

Wei Wei Xiang, April 2019 Best Yoga Studio

Le Fam April 2019 Best Yoga Studio Youssef

Louahrani, April 2019 Best Yoga Studio

Ann Vindevogel March 2019Best Yoga Studio

Elif Duran, March 2019, Top Yoga Studio

Annie De Smedt, June 18, 2017, Trinh is a highly motivated teacher with great knowledge of anatomy and the effect of exercises on the body. Contrary to what you might think when you see the photos here, you really do not need to be strong or flexible to participate in her classes, everyone receives individual attention and exercises at their level, with attention particular for everyone weaknesses and pains. My back problems have improved a lot since I follow yoga at Zenergy.

Verhaeghe Anne, May 2017 Thanks to Trinh’s expert explanation, patience and personal support, we manage to do pilates class completely Zen. I am looking forward to our class every week impatiently!

Soraya Attia, April 23, 2017, Trinh is a natural, professional, friendly, positive and above all great teacher. She gives personal advice pilates yoga in a small group at her home and in an intimate atmosphere. Thanks to individual advice and professional explanations, you learn to perform the Pilated exercises and yoga poses correctly.

Ines Castelli, April 23, 2017, Personalized coaching, with professionalism, patience, respect for the limits of the body … Bravo to our coach whom I highly recommend!

Evelyne Lanckriet-Vannoote April 19, 2017, Super coach, adapted exercises that connect the body to the mind and soul. Gentle and always with a smile!

Nathalie Plettinck, April 16, 2017 Super fun lessons! Good support in small groups and suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced! Trinh is the perfect instructor, it almost sounds like a private lesson. Highly recommended!

Fatma Keskin, April 2017 Top Yoga Studio

Els Deray, April 14, 2017, Pleasant and effective lessons in small groups. Trinh does it with passion … really great!

Dini Broothaerts, April 14, 2017, Trinh very personalized advice and lessons are excellent. Trinh is very professional and has a great knowledge of her job! She will help you to be your best! The best studio!

Liesbet Smeyers, April 14, 2017

Strong and flexible back under the expert guidance of Trinh always joyful!

👍 Hannah Hommen, November 16, 2016 ·Top Yoga Studio

Erika Van den Driessche, February 4, 2016  Topper !!! Lady with a heart for sport, health and social connection. A must for all those who want to spoil themselves.

Ekaterina AksarinaJanuary 30, 2016 Pleasure for body and soul. Trinh takes into account the particularities of the body of each student. Small group lessons leave you energized and relaxed at the same time. I feel a strong progression of my muscles and my flexibility after 2 months. Highly recommended!

Patricia Sieverding, January 29, 2016 Relaxing lessons with very targeted coaching in a small group.

Dominique De Bast, March 2016 Very good knowledge of the human body. Trinh can give adapted exercises to each of us. Given in a small group, Trinh takes time to correct each of your movements. Trinh is much more than a pilates yoga teacher. A real coach who communicates her passion day after day!

Valérie Codrons, February 17, 2015 ·Best Yoga Studio

Chantal Lannoy November 17, 2014 · Excellent course – great atmosphere – highly recommended

Maria Hammerin Celie November 7, 2014 ·Top Yoga Studio

Isabelle Meunier, January 2015, I have learnt a lot from Trinh, especially my body structure. I used to have poor body posture that had a negative impact on my daily life during exercise or normal activities. Thanks to the excellent advice, motivation and positive way of thinking of Trinh, I begin to feel my energy, to listen better to my body and to understand the complex mechanism of the anatomy and better control my breathing. Thank you very much for all the good advice that I continue to put into practice.

Trinh & Zenergy in the press:  “Find your own Buddha inside yourself”. It is all about being the own master of your own thoughts. You are what you think. The best way to control your thinking begins with right posture and concentration your mind on deep breathing. It sounds so simple but it is an effective way to find the peace inside you.

Read full article. Randkrant_Trinh Dang_Zenergy_Maart15_NL

I have found energy and inner peace thanks to Trinh’ classes. The classes exercises are well varied and affect partly or whole body. Zenergy helps to improve your posture. The coordination of breathing with movement, exercises being instructed and adapted to each individual allow you to improve your muscle tone at your own pace and enjoy the moving meditation with breathing at the same time. When applied at home, this breathing meditation technique allows you to “auto-hypnotize” yourself to feel an inner peace and fall more easily to sleep.  Breathing exercises are useful in overcoming stressful situation in everyday life. I have found quickly my energy back which enables me to start jogging and improve my cardiovascular at the same time. You feel the well-being, happier and positive and in shape after each session.

J Mertens, November, 2014

Excellent course – great atmosphere – highly recommended!

Chantal Lannoy , November , 2014

Trinh was a professional Fitness Manager, enthousiastic and full of energy. always ready for the next challenge.  She learned quickly and was always eager to learn more.  She also did a great job in bringing Personal training to her club in Elsene. recruiting new personal trainers and giving personal training sessions herself.

Christopher Jamin, National Fitness Manager for HealthCity Belgium & Luxemburg and Basic Fit Belgium, December 2014

In your class I have found the pleasure and the usefulness of physical exercises for the improvement of my condition. Your knowledge and competence give strong motivation to continue.

José Vieira, December, 2014


I have leant a lot from Trinh especially my body structure. I used to have a false body image that led to negative impact on my daily life while doing sports or carrying out normal activities. Thanks to Trinh’s great advice, motivation, positive way of thinking, I start to feel my energy, listening better to my body and understand its complex anatomy mechanism as well as better controlling my breath. Thank so much for all great advice that I continue to put into practice.

Isabelle Meunier,  January, 2015


Trinh is not just showing or teaching the movement of yoga/pilates. She understands your body limits and closely works with you toward greater health and mobility.  I would highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to understand how to develop and use their core strength, or who just wants someone smart and supportive to learn yoga/pilates.

Yun Lee, January, 2015

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